Happy Christmas from Elmelin

Happy Christmas from Elmelin

It’s the time of year when thoughts turn to festive things, and where considerations of high temperature insulation, furnace safety systems and thermal management for industry may take a back seat.


But please, bear with us, and let us take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year, with a few musings to go along with the mood of the  season.

Fuel for Thought

The days are shorter in December. Even allowing for increasingly erratic weather patterns, it’s generally a cold time of year, when our reliance on oil and gas is at its peak.


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What of those petrochemical industries supplying these essential fuels?


We’re proud to support them, with specialist pipe and tube insulation solutions to help ensure the safe supply of the essential winter fuel so many of us depend on, whether at work or in the home.


Your Christmas Dinner and Gifts


Have you ever thought how much more work would be involved in preparing your Christmas dinner without the modern kitchen appliances you’ve come to depend on?


The contemporary kitchen is full of essential electrical items we take for granted, from blenders to microwave ovens, cookers and hobs. We expect them to do the job without causing any hazards, and to keep on working reliably again and again.


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But of course, to do this, they need the right electrical insulation, which also keep you, the user safe.


That’s’ something else we’re pleased to be able to support, with various mica-based insulation solutions for consumer appliances.


The same applies to electrical insulation for beauty products such as hairdryers and straighteners, which we know are popular Christmas gifts.


Travelling Home for Christmas


Transport is another part of our work, providing essential high temperature insulation solutions for vehicles and aeroplanes. Christmas is a busy time for travel, and getting home safely, or visiting loved ones elsewhere, is hugely important for vast numbers of people.


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We manufacture and supply mica components for vehicles, including gaskets and washers; and we provide flame-retardant and thermal runway barriers. We also supply thermal management solutions for batteries.

In the air, we help ensure the continuing safety of air travel, with heat shields for thrust reversers and ducts, and fire-resistant linings for aircraft interiors.


Seasonal Makeup and Glitter


While we’ve touched briefly on certain essentials, our mica and mica-based solutions are not just for these aspects of living and working.


Did you know mica is a growing part of the beauty industry?


More and more people are using mineral makeup, which helps them use only natural products on their skin. Mica is one such mineral, found in concealers, eyeshadow, blushes, foundation and body lotions and powders.


Not only this, but as a cosmetic, mica is reflective, helping skin look softer and more youthful.


As a light-transmitter, mica is holographic and therefore will add a certain shimmer to any compound it’s blended with.


So, next time someone’s adding a bit of seasonal sparkle to their makeup when they’re celebrating the festive season, think of us.


To a Prosperous, Productive New Year


No doubt 2019 will have its challenges to many of the different industries we serve, to the people who work in them, and to us. But it will also have its triumphs, large and small.


We’re looking forward to continuing to work with a wide variety of industries across many sectors, helping to support their efforts, to protect their processes and to keep their workers safe.


A Happy Christmas and best wishes of the season to you all.


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