Insulation Solutions for Foundry and Steel

High-temperature mica-based insulation for foundries

Working with and processing materials at extremely high temperatures all day every day, optimising foundry and steel equipment for safety and maximising its useful life is vital to make the running of the foundry cost-effective and therefore profitable. The foundry and steel industry is also a vital part of the supply chain for many other industries, from automotive to consumer appliances. For that reason, efficiency and maximising is key in ensuring the supply chain stays resilient and agile in changing markets.

Elmelin have been working closely with the foundry and steel industry for over a century. Combining our experience and expertise with mica’s superior thermal and physical properties, we’ve been able to create solutions that increase the productivity of the foundry, increase the useful life of equipment and reduce costs whilst maintaining safety.

Mica slip planes

Furnace safety systems

Microporous insulation

Thermal management solutions

Superior thermal performance

Mica has superior thermal properties that make it ideal for use in foundries and furnaces. Mica laminates and rolls reinforced with glass and silica are frequently used in furnaces which melt iron and aluminium, helping bring down the amount of power required to reach the correct processing temperature. Our high-performance insulation solutions Elmtherm can withstand temperatures of up to 1600°C at the top end of the range, and is incredibly lightweight and easy to install. The protection and insulation offered by Elmtherm enables operators to maximise volume while offering energy savings and reducing the carbon footprint.

Furnace safety systems

At such high temperatures, safety is an ever-present concern in foundries. Our proprietary technologies Elmesh and Vapourshield can be used and combined to create a sensor and early warning system for breaches of the furnace lining. Elmesh is a mica mesh laminate that acts as a sensor, detecting metal penetrating the induction coil as the crucible starts to wear thin. Vapourhsield is another mica-based laminate which can also help to stop metal vapours settling on the coil.

Optimise thermal management and improve your performance