Insulation Solutions for Power Electronics

High-voltage mica-based insulation

In power electronics, insulation is vital in ensuring reliability and efficiency. With a continuing trend towards greater integration, and increasing demand for faster performance, safety and protection is of paramount importance. As power electronics equipment becomes more streamlined and efficient, a material or component is required to perform more than one function. Durability and an integrated approach are key in ensuring the effectiveness of the entire system.

Elmelin’s mica-based insulation and component solutions help to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of power electronics processes. Our expertise and experience allow us to work with manufacturers and systems operators to design and develop highly bespoke solutions for specific applications.

Mica tubes

High-voltage insulation

Mica electrical components

High-temperature insulation

Stability and reliability

Our high-temperature insulation solutions ensure that you can provide necessary protection and safety measures without compromising on key design features and performance. Mica’s unique mineral structure means that in incredible thin, light layers it maintains high levels of mechanical stability and high-temperature insulation properties, making it easy to cut and shape to your requirements. We design, develop and produce extremely bespoke solutions alongside aerospace engineers to suit extremely specialist needs.

Increase safety and useful life

Mica can withstand up to 1000V/mm before breaking down, making it ideal for use in high voltage applications to ensure the safety of operators and the overall protection of the circuit and the equipment. Protecting the circuit from distorted voltages also helps to slow the acceleration of the ageing process and ensure the equipment works at maximum performance and efficiency for longer.

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