Innovative and Sustainable Insulation Solutions for Automotive

Mica-based insulation for electric vehicles

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, especially with increasing environmental concerns surrounding performance, energy efficiency and emissions.

Elmelin provides vital manufacturing support and solutions to the automotive industry, harnessing mica’s unique thermal and dielectric insulation properties to help ensure that manufacturers meet the highest safety standards.

Mica-based insulation products are durable and flexible, making them an ideal fit for the automotive sector and providing superior adaptability to meet performance challenges in an industry that continues to change.

Battery pack insulation

Passive fire protection

Thermal spacers

Compression pads

Sustainable insulation solutions

We are committed to helping our customers solve sustainability challenges in support of the net zero initiative. We’re working on a number of projects with the automotive sector focused around making and electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles safe, efficient and sustainable.

With industry-leading engineering expertise, we can work closely with you to design, create and refine a solution tailored to your particular challenge.

Compression Pads Plus

Our Compression Pads Plus solution extends the useful life of electric vehicle battery packs whilst providing vital thermal and electrical insulation.

By maintaining mechanical pressure on the cells, our compression pads ensure secure electrical and thermal connections
while allowing the package itself to expand and change shape during operation, improving the safety and longevity of the battery pack.

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