Insulation Solutions for Consumer Appliances

High temperature and electrical insulation for consumer goods

When it comes to designing and manufacturing consumer appliances, end-user safety is pivotal to their acceptability, and ultimate success, in the marketplace. From fan-assisted and convection heaters to toasters and hair dryers, there’s a wide and varied range of applications that require solutions that protect from high temperatures and high voltages.

Elmelin work closely with manufacturers of consumer appliances to create electrical and high-temperature insulation solutions that help them meet strict safety standards and regulations without compromising on performance and design. We have the expertise and experience to create incredibly bespoke solutions that can solve the most complex design challenges.

High temperature insulation

Thermal barriers

Mica components

Shaped mica insulation

Meet key standards

Manufacturing standards for consumer and household appliances are incredibly stringent. From safety to energy efficiency, to be viable for mass consumption and use, products must be able to demonstrate the basic levels of performance and safety. Mica has superior thermal and electrical properties that make it incredibly suitable as insulation and in components in a variety of applications in consumer goods.

Bespoke solutions for complex challenges

No matter your design or insulation challenge, we can work with you to create a mica-based insulation solution that ensures your product meets safety standards whilst also remaining cost-effective to produce and therefore ensuring profitability. Our CNC machining, stamping and shaping capabilities enable us to assist with the end-to-end process from prototyping right through to the mass production of components and products to bespoke specifications.

Solve your consumer appliance insulation challenges