Elmelin’s origins as industrial insulation experts go back to 1912. Crucially, our approach today is agile, adaptable, forward-thinking and innovative. With a firm foundation in manufacturing, we combine the solid roots of an established business with the dynamism required to meet the ever-changing challenges of the modern industrial landscape.

The business developed from a site processing mica in Walthamstow, London in 1912. We are proud of this heritage. Our current business has evolved on this site, with its own bespoke machinery and processing facilities. Over the years, we have broadened what we offer, from pure mica applications to high temperature thermal and electrical solutions.

To help us do this, we have a dedicated workforce of multi-skilled operators and craftsmen, many with long service. We are dedicated to continuity, so the current generation in the business ensures their skills are passed to the next.

Not only does Elmelin specialise Mica insulation and industrial laminates, but we also offer a range of non Mica-based products, including Elmtherm microporous insulation, gasketing and waterproofing applications.

This diversification is part of our flexible, responsive strategy, fulfilling the needs of our customers. We listen, we research, develop, prototype and implement.

Why Choose Us for Industrial Insulation?

Elmelin serves and supports many different industries and sectors, and we can offer both off the shelf products and bespoke insulation solutions. Our products include flexible laminates for the foundry and steel industries, rigid Mica sheets and tubes and both pure and combined Mica-based insulation.

We also use innovative microporous technology to produce a specialised range of materials with exceptional high temperature insulating properties. These have diverse applications, from aerospace to domestic appliances.

Design and Quality

With this extended range of applications, our specialist industrial insulation solutions are about using good design and quality materials to achieve cost effective results.

As an ISO 9001: 2015 accredited company, our design and delivery processes are rigorous, thoughtful, and consistently excellent.

Our focus is on innovation and finding the right answers and practical results to achieve positive, lasting improvements in industrial insulation.

Support for our Customers

We help our customers keep their costs down while improving their performance by providing them with products that will enhance what they do. Therefore, we strive to continually refine and improve what we can offer to them. We ensure that the solution they need is exactly the right fit for their business.

Industrial insulation is essential because it optimises efficiency and can result in significant savings through accurate thermal regulation. It is also about ensuring safety alongside efficiency and innovation.

We believe in excellence in insulation to support industry.

Elmelin and the Environment

Being based in a mixed residential and industrial areas, we are very aware of our environmental responsibilities and the potential impact we might have.

Therefore, we continually look at ways to lessen this impact, while ensuring we do not disturb our residential neighbours. Consequently, we have invested in state of the art emission purification equipment, conforming to current European standards.

Our Directors

Terry Hughes

Managing Director

Terry is an international business leader with 25 years of general management experience and a track record of sustainable revenue and business growth in the engineering sector.

Being an engineer by heart, Terrys main focus is building the Elmelin business by fostering a culture of innovation and experimentation that leads to insulation excellence benefiting both customers and the planet.

Before joining Elmelin in 2015, Terry held various roles within Saint- Gobain Abrasives with the latest being Sales Director for UK and Ireland.

Contact Terry for technical or commercial support.

Christian Krauss

Sales Director

Christian has over 20 years of global business development and sales expertise, creating strategically effective and productive alliances to support key business initiatives and find solutions to client challenges.

Having lived and worked in a number of different countries and speaking 5 different languages Christian is well placed to understand the needs and requirements of our growing global customer base.

Before joining Elmelin in 2012, Christian held various sales and new business roles across the manufacturing, energy and construction industry.

Contact Christian for partnership and sales enquiries.

Contact Elmelin for more information, or if you have an industrial insulation project you would like to discuss with us.