The automotive industry is constantly evolving, especially with increasing environmental concerns surrounding performance, energy efficiency and emissions.

Elmelin provides vital manufacturing support and solutions to the automotive industry, harnessing mica’s unique thermal and dielectric insulation properties to help ensure that manufacturers meet the highest safety standards.

Mica-based insulation products are durable and flexible, making them an ideal fit for the automotive sector and providing superior adaptability to meet performance challenges in an industry that continues to change.

Elmelin’s automotive insulation products include:

  • Mica components including gaskets and washers
  • Cover and structural insulation for automotive battery packs – Elmelec Shield
  • Thermal spacers and laminates – Elmelec Laminate
  • Electric and composite products – Elmelec composite product

Mica Automotive Components

Mica’s unique thermal and dielectric properties make it an ideal solution for many automotive components. Mica gasketing has been used on engine components such as exhaust gasketing for years. The dielectric and thermal properties make it ideal for rotating components such as alternators, starter motors and the general engine components which all contain significant heat. As electric cars become more prominent there will be further applications in high voltage systems and power electronics. These components will require insulation materials with supreme functionality combined with durability, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Our insulation products for the automotive industry are rigid or flexible, as required, and possess superb fire-resistant and flame-retardant qualities. They have excellent thermal shock, oil and chemical resistance, while being fully compliant with the latest regulations.

Elmelin work closely with our customers in the automotive sector to develop, test and manufacture the mica-based components they require.

Cover and structural insulation for battery packs

Vehicles, particularly electric vehicles, require fire resistant and crash-safe batteries. This means automotive batteries must be safe during normal, day-to-day functions but also in the event of unexpected or extreme conditions.

Automotive battery pack assemblies are required to protect the occupants of the vehicle against thermal runaway and allow time for the occupants to escape. Elmelin has worked with different forms of mica sheets for over 100 years. Our Elmelec Shield products can be cut and moulded to shape. These components are designed to delay thermal runaway, provide ballistic resistance to the battery assembly. We work in material thicknesses from 0.1m through to 20mm. Rigid mica can provide structural strength to the products.

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Thermal spacers and laminates - Elmelec Laminate

When thermal runaway occurs in a battery it is started by a complex chemical reaction that generate excessive heat, leading to a positive feedback cycle. In the event of thermal runaway, the objective is to mitigate the effect, localise the damage in one module and not allow it to progress to the pack. Elmelin has been involved in designing multiple laminate insulation systems for customers that are able to achieve this. The design is specific to the pack build requirements.

The products are manufactured by laminating mica to other insulation products. The resultant material can be shaped using various methods to exacting specifications. Our products have been proven to delay and/or contain the thermal event. The material is compressible and can provide packing between battery modules.

Electric and composite products - Elmelec composite product

Our composite insulation products are derived through customer consultation and design support. We have laminated different types of insulation together with electrical sensors to develop unique solutions for specific applications. In all cases we work with you engineers to deliver the exact specifications required.

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In a fast-developing, fiercely competitive vehicle market, being technologically on top is vital, as is ensuring your manufacturing efficiency and excellence. You want mechanical strength and performance, and safety and protection from short circuits and thermal runaway.

We provide specialist support and expertise along with practical manufacturing solutions.

Elemlin works to achieve the best possible thermal insulation, in excess of 1000°C, low thermal conductivity, combined with superior electrical insulation qualities and chemical stability.

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