Mica-based insulation for batteries

As we move towards a net zero future, many industries, from energy generation to automotive, will need to rely on battery technology to store clean energy.

Building on decades of experience and expertise, we work with engineers at the forefront of battery technology to develop innovative solutions that help to make them more efficient and extend their useful life. From high energy density lithium-ion packs powering electric vehicles to even larger packs utilised for domestic energy storage, we can design and develop a high-performance insulation and fire protection solutions for any application.

Energy storage solutions

A massive part of cutting carbon emissions is focusing on how we generate and store energy. From high energy density batteries to hydrogen fuel cells, we’re developing solutions that make energy storage as efficient, safe and long-lasting as possible.


On-grid energy storage

Ongoing development in battery technology and capability is making grid energy storage a more commercially viable prospect for a sustainable future. Our expertise in high temperature and high voltage insulation has enabled us to work to develop solutions that help to make grid energy storage safe, efficient and sustainable.


Off-grid energy storage

We rely on renewables and generating clean energy to create a carbon-neutral infrastructure. Across numerous applications, we’re developing tailored solutions to ensure that off-grid storage is an affordable and sustainable alternative through improving efficiency, safety and useful life.


Domestic energy storage

Households contribute 40% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. Getting our domestic carbon footprint under control is of the highest priority. We’re working closely with customers to design solutions that will fit with new standards for home building and enable clean energy to power and sustain the next generation of homes.

Electric vehicle solutions

We have been working with the automotive sector for decades, developing mica-based components and insulation. As we head towards a deadline for banning the sale of fossil fuel vehicles in the UK, we’re focusing on designing and developing solutions to make the next generation of electric vehicles efficient, safe and affordable for the mass market.


Battery electric vehicle solutions

We’re working with a number of Tier 1 manufacturers to develop cutting edge solutions to address the evolving challenges and requirements in automotive battery technology.

Solutions like Compression Pads Plus enable us to extend the useful life of electric vehicle batteries by applying pressure to the pack, and our high temperature insulation solutions can help to mediate the risk of thermal runaway, increasing the safety for passengers. We also provide fire panels for battery boxes and electrical insulation shielding for high voltage.

Let’s reach net zero together.