Insulation and Fire Protection Solutions for Construction

High temperature, non-combustible insulation solutions

Following the Grenfell Tower disaster, incredibly high on the list of priorities for the construction industry has been finding ways to make insulation materials safer in both domestic and commercial buildings. Materials used need to be sufficiently strong and non-combustible so as to ensure maximum safety, but also sustainable, both economically and environmentally.

Elmelin work closely with engineers and suppliers to the construction industry to produce safe, sustainable and cost-effective insulation and fire protection solutions. Working with mica, which is non-combustible, capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures, and incredibly strong and durable, our solutions offer superior heat resistance and structural strength for heat shields, fire doors, lift doors and shims.

A1 rated insulation

Heat shields

Microporous insulation

Fire door insulation

Sustainable solutions

We’re committed to working with engineers and suppliers to the construction industry to develop solutions that will help to create a sustainable built environment. Working to understand upcoming legislation changes like the Future Homes Standard, we’re actively designing and developing products that will help to solve the construction challenges of the present and the future.

A1 fire rated insulations for buildings

Our mica-based insulation solutions for construction are A1 fire rated for building, meaning they are certified as non-combustible and do not contribute to fire. We are working closely with construction firms and masonry support system providers to produce high-performance solutions that are easy to produce and install, making them suitable for large-scale construction projects.

Build a sustainable future