Elmelin Products: High Performance at High Temperatures

Elmelin’s adaptable and innovative industrial insulation product range includes mica roll, mica rigid laminates, mica tubes, microporous boards and sheets as well as shaped products. All of Elmelin’s specialist products are high temperature and voltage insulation items.

Mica provides an essential, supportive role in a diverse range of settings, across a wide spectrum of industries.

We offer a wide choice in insulation and thermal management solutions, and we can provide bespoke items to meet specific customer requirements.

High performance industrial heat insulation has inherent technical advantages and the potential to increase the cost effectiveness of the industries that use it.

Rigid and flexible mica solutions

Our mica manufacturing experience and capabilities allow us to provide a range of rigid and flexible mica solutions suitable for a variety of applications. Rigid mica can be cut and shaped to bespoke specifications and is commonly used in applications such as switchboards, transformers, and electric vehicle batteries. Flexible mica laminates are provided in rolls and commonly used in high temperature applications such as furnace lining. 


Rigid mica solutions:


Flexible mica solutions:

Our Elmelec range of mica roll laminates comprises pure mica, ceramic, glass fibre and combi laminates. These offer superior high temperature performance, combining excellent heat, electrical and slip plane characteristics.

In the furnace industry, mica extends the lifetime of insulation linings, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime. Its application means faster relining speeds for furnaces and better protection for coil grout. In its different forms, mica resolves various insulation issues.

When applied to coreless induction furnaces, our Elmesh solution acts as sensor, giving out an early warning where there is a danger of metal penetrating close to the induction coil. For foundries having to melt down difficult materials, Elmesh provides a warning system for when to halt operations to avoid coil damage.

The Vapourshield laminate range is another of our furnace safety systems. Designed for use in mains and medium frequency induction furnaces, Vapourshield prevents vapour build-up leading to metal residues on the coil. It also enables furnaces to process more galvanised metal scrap.

We provide mica tubes, which we specifically manufacture to customer specifications, either round or square. These are used in a wide range of applications from high voltage capacitors through to heat gun insulation. Mica can be shaped to your needs to provide thermal and electrical barriers.

For furnaces and foundries, we have developed mica mesh early warning safety systems.

Utilising microporous insulation, we have developed an innovative range of industrial heat insulation products which makes up our Elmtherm range:

Elmtherm acts to reduce thermal conductivity and heat transfer by all the methods of transfer convection, radiation and conduction. Its applications are varied and versatile, and it offers a combination of cost efficiency, easy installation and energy savings.

Products developed using this technology can be seen across the furnace industry in items such as tundishes and ladles. Elmtherm is also used extensively in aerospace for flight recorder boxes. It is used in thermal batteries and in the medical industry for oxygen candles.

All of these products can be cut to size and shaped in house.

Quality and Safety of Industrial Heat Insulation Products

When it comes to production, we only use premium grade raw materials, to guarantee the highest standard for our products. We select the resins we use for their optimum flexibility, their performance at high temperatures, and their low carbon formation. Our quality system is ISO9001 quality assured and the system is designed to be compliant with IATF TS 16949.

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