Insulation Solutions for Aerospace

High-temperature mica-based insulation for aircraft

Aerospace engineering is about achieving optimal performance – but also about ensuring maximum safety. Operating in extreme conditions and with extremely high voltages and temperatures requires specialist materials and solutions to provide lightweight insulation that will protect important equipment, and most importantly – passengers and operators.

Elmelin’s mica-based insulation solutions offer optimum heat resistance as well as being durable and lightweight. We work closely with aerospace manufacturers and engineers to design and develop solutions that help them push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Heat shields

Exteriors and interiors

Battery insulation

Flight recorder insulation

Increase safety, optimise performance

Our high-temperature insulation solutions ensure that you can provide necessary protection and safety measures without compromising on key design features and performance. Mica’s unique mineral structure means that in incredible thin, light layers it maintains high levels of mechanical stability and high-temperature insulation properties, making it easy to cut and shape to your requirements. We design, develop and produce extremely bespoke solutions alongside aerospace engineers to suit extremely specialist needs.

Protect vital components and equipment

Many aircraft components require high levels of protection and safety when in operation. Our innovative solutions can protect components such as batteries and flight recorders from extremely high temperatures. Our heat resistant products are non-combustible, meaning that equipment like black boxes will be protected at all times, and this allows vital data to be recovered in the event of impact, and extreme conditions such as deep sea pressure.

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