Passive fire protection for construction and electric vehicles

Fire-resistant mica-based insulation solutions

Passive fire protection is the first line of defence and a vital safety feature in helping to slow or stop the spread of fire and smoke, providing bystanders with more time to reach safety. Utilising mica’s superior thermal properties, we develop high-performance mica-based passive fire protection solutions for a variety of industries and applications, including construction, automotive and electric vehicles.

Heat shields

Construction components

EV battery insulation

Non-flammable materials

Safety officer checking fire alarm

Superior safety and performance

Mica’s unique physical properties enable it to provide a higher level of protection and better resistance against high temperatures. Mica laminated sheets are able to withstand up to 1000°C, are non-flammable, durable, and long-lasting – making them an ideal candidate for passive fire protection.

Passive fire protection for construction

Tragic events that have taken place in the last decade have led to an increased need for improved fire safety in residential and commercial buildings. Working closely with manufacturers of masonry and brick slip systems, we’ve developed a range of A1 fire-rated solutions. Fully compliant with Building Regulations: Fire Safety Approved Document B, our solutions offer superior safety and fire protection for construction projects.

Construction worker installing passive fire protection
Electric vehicle battery

Passive fire protection for electric vehicles

Ensuring the safety of occupants of an electric vehicle is paramount. Unfortunately, high-density energy lithium-ion batteries operate at high temperatures and therefore pose a greater risk of fire. Our solutions, designed specifically for electric vehicles, help to slow or stop the spread of fire to or away from the battery compartment, reducing the risk of explosion and giving occupants additional time to make their way to safety.

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