Elmelin have spent over a century developing and adapting our capabilities to respond to the needs and the challenges of the industries we work with.

Our focus is on being able to provide each and every customer with exactly the right solution for their insulation challenge – even if it means designing and developing a completely unique, bespoke solution.

Impregnation, coating and lamination

We work with a variety of materials to combine and laminate mica sheets, roll and tubes to increase their electrical and thermal performance and physical strength for specialist applications such as furnace slip plane material. Materials we work with include resin, glass, ceramic, silica and rockwool. We will research and incorporate other materials into our products if that is the right thing for the customer’s application.

Our focus is on quality, and we’ve spent decades perfecting our process to produce mica laminates that will ensure safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Moulding and shaping

We have been working with mica as an insulation material for over a century. With a deep understanding of its physical properties, we’ve developed proven techniques of moulding and shaping mica and mica laminates to suit a wide variety of applications.

We can cut, press, stamp and fold mica laminates into specific custom shapes and formats to directly address your insulation challenge.

Prototyping and machining

CNC machining enables us to quickly and easily produce shaped mica in massive quantities to exact client specifications – providing an ideal solution for manufacturers of products in electronics, automotive, aerospace and more.

We work closely with product engineers an R&D teams on the client-side to support them in producing prototypes to test and refine insulation solutions for their products and equipment.

Bespoke solutions

We pride ourselves on having the level of expertise and knowledge required to be able to offer tailored, bespoke solutions to each of our customers.

In order to help our customers innovate and make themselves more efficient, safe and profitable, we understand that we need to take a truly consultative approach, working closely with our customers to develop and design solutions that address their specific challenges.

Let's discuss how we could help you with your insulation challenges