A superior solution for electric vehicle battery packs


An ever-present challenge for electric vehicle manufacturers is making batteries safer, more efficient and more cost-effective. Maintaining the pressure on the battery cells whilst providing a thermal barrier is a vital design element in achieving this. Elmelin Compression Pads Plus is a solution for EV batteries that helps maintain adequate pressure on the battery pack whilst providing thermal and electrical insulation, improving safety, performance and extending the useful life of the battery. 

Superior performance

Compared to other compression pads, the unique composition of Elmelin Compression Pads Plus offer superior thermal resistance and dielectric strength. Compression Pads Plus can withstand up to 1000°C, 5 times that of other solutions, and up to 2000V, 10 times that of other solutions.


Extending the useful life of the battery

By maintaining the right amount of pressure on the battery pack, Compression Pads Plus help to maintain cell charger whilst allowing the battery to expand and change during operation. Allowing for tolerances and breathing of the cells helps to extend their useful life, helping to reduce emissions from li-ion battery production as well as making EVs more commercially viable for consumers.


Increased safety

Compression Pads Plus are non-combustible and non-hazardous. The superior thermal and electrical resistance creates a solution that makes electric vehicles safer for drivers and passengers. Allowing the batteries to “breathe” reduces the risk of malfunction whilst slowing down the process of thermal runaway.

Compression Pads Plus composition

Diagram of Compression Pads Plus solution

Find out how our innovative solution to an ever-increasing problem could revolutionise electric vehicle design and production.