Thermal insulation solutions

Optimised high-temperature insulation solutions will often require a combined, multi-faceted approach. Elmelin offers a specialised consultancy and thermal design service, where we strategically apply different materials and processes to achieve the best result for your application.

We take ideas through to conceptual design, then into rigorous prototyping, followed by designing a process to manufacture the finished product. The product design will typically combine different high-temperature insulation solutions. This ensures the end product meets all your specifications, and is up to approved safety and quality standards.

Many aspects of thermal management across industries require the use of composite materials, frequently combining microporous high-temperature insulation with ceramics or mica.

Finding high temperature insulation solutions

Elmelin has developed various products based on listening to its customers and their specific issues. Many of these are now advanced insulations products with wide applications. For example, whereas the economics of how a furnace works are relatively straightforward – taking an energy source and converting it into usable heat for processing purposes – the issues around maintaining consistency, and safety, often require more complex solutions.

Therefore, Elmelin has worked closely with its customers to produce a range of insulation solutions, with a variety of applications. Similarly, for other sectors and industries, problem-solving may require a combination of heat insulation solutions, some mica-based, some not.

The object is always to improve, to refine and to come up with the right answers to solving specific problems and issues. The answers we find may then inform our overall product range, providing future solutions for others.

Our insulation solutions include composite materials made from mica insulation, microporous, ceramic insulation and fibre insulation. At Elmelin, we look to add value to these products, to improve our customers’ manufacturing processes, and to improve productivity through collaborative innovation.


Cost effective high temperature insulation solutions

We believe cost-effective solutions come from investing in high-quality materials and applying appropriate processes. We have helped a number of our customers realise thermal and environmental savings through our insulation solutions – including a system we designed for a rotary kiln, which within fourteen days had saved enough energy to demonstrate a 100% return on investment for the customer.

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