Who Are Elmelin? We Are High Temperature Insulation Specialists!

Who Are Elmelin? We Are High Temperature Insulation Specialists!

Elmelin is a London-based company of high temperature insulation specialists with a long history. However, our focus is firmly on the future, and the here and now, because we believe that technological excellence in industrial insulation solutions is an ongoing process.


Who are we? We’re specialist manufacturers and problem-solvers. We’ve changed as our processes have changed, to meet the challenges of a broad client-base. High temperature insulation is essential to so many industries, and our history reflects our shift in specialisation.


By way of an introduction, here’s our history, and what we can offer, including the processes and products we’ve developed over many years.

History of Elmelin

Mineral vermiculite samples for production raw mineral


The time is 1912, Walthamstow in London. This area, some 7.5 miles north of the city, is part of Essex but will become a Municipal Borough in 1929, and then part of Greater London in 1965.


Until the 19th century it has been largely rural, but now it has grown substantially. It is the base for some pioneering manufacturers, including the home of the first mass-produced buses. Walthamstow Marshes is also where the first all-British aircraft first took off, the Avro1, built by A V Roe.


Walthamstow is where Elmelin’s origins are. In 1912, it is a mica processing site. Already, mica’s unique mineral properties are making it a very much in-demand product. It has obvious aesthetic qualities, due to its glittering appearance, but the thing that is driving mica processing forward here in Walthamstow is that it has special functional uses.


These include reinforcement and lining, a gas and moisture barrier, electrical and fire insulation.


After occupying this original mica-processing site, Elmelin expands its capabilities considerably, developing its own machinery and facilities. While retaining its roots in mica, and in mica applications, we are now high temperature insulation specialists.


Elmelin’s long-term investment in microporous technology has given it the capability to expand its product range and services, reaching beyond the foundry and steel industries to touch many areas of manufacturing, including automotive, aerospace, continuous process, power electronics and consumer appliances.


Elmelin’s Capabilities

Man in front of glowing hot metallurgy trays for Elmelin high temperature insulation specialists


Naturally, the company has a well-established reputation for mica-processing, but this has also been a launch-pad for expanding into other areas of manufacturing, prototyping and developing a thorough expertise in thermal management.


With a diversely skilled workforce, and an ability to adapt to meet different, and demanding, requirements, our manufacturing capabilities put us at the heart of a multiplicity of sectors, offering essential support and service alongside high performance insulation products.

For prototyping, we solve problems and test the functionality and performance of products before they go into full production. When it comes to solutions tailored to fit specific situations, prototyping is an essential process, ensuring the final results are safe, cost effective, and will perform to their very best capability.


For the foundry industry, safety is of absolute importance. So is efficiency, so that foundry processes maximise the heat they wield in a cost effective, productive manner. With a range of mica-based and microporous products, we offer expert thermal management solutions for various locations and situations. We know that consistency in performance is essential, and that is what our products support.


Our furnace safety systems include flexible mica and combined mica sheets that act as an early warning system for where the crucible has worn thin with use; or where there is any risk of the metal that is being processed penetrating the coil grout. These systems also provide an alert where escaping vapour could deposit residue on the coil.

Our Products


Our product range is tried and tested but also innovative and adaptable. In the furnace industry, we aim to reduce the risk of downtime and boost productivity by increasing relining speeds through applying mica and mica-based products.


Mica roll extends the lifespan of furnace insulation linings; it resolves insulation issues; and in rigid form, mica sheets are a useful component in the construction of furnaces.

A range of mica tubes which can be used to insulate high temperature parts for effective thermal management

Mica mesh products form the basis of our early warning, furnace safety systems.


Alongside our mica-based product range are our industrial heat insulation products that use microporous laminate sheets.


The versatility and adaptability of mica as a manufacturing material makes it ideal for shaped insulation, which we cut and stamp using patterns and moulds. Its superior thermal conductivity makes mica ideal for flanges, tubes and discs for use where heat and electrical resistance are critical factors.


Consequently, mica provides electrical insulation and a thermal barrier in a wide range of domestic appliances. Another popular, and essential, Elmelin product is mica tube for heat guns.


Elmelin’s ISO 9001 Accreditation


Elmelin is an accredited ISO 9001: 2015 company. This offers our customers the assurance that our quality management systems are of a high standard and that we measure the health of these systems through the satisfaction of our customers.


High temperature insulation is a serious issue, and we are serious about our business and what we can offer. Our successes on behalf of our customers are proven, with the reviews and feedback to reinforce our performance.


We’re based in Walthamstow, but we’ve come a long way since the early days of mica processing on the site of our current business, but we retain an acute awareness of a tradition of pioneering excellence in all that we do.


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As high temperature insulation specialists, we serve a wide range of industries, and we provide much, much more than mica and mica-based products. We want our customers to see us as an essential service that supports them, providing whatever solutions they need, whether bespoke or off the shelf.


Fill in our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, contact us direct on +44 20 8520 2248, or email sales@elmelin.com