Elmelin at The Battery Show Europe 2022

Elmelin at The Battery Show Europe 2022

Elmelin are delighted to be attending The Battery Show Europe at Stuttgart, Germany, on the 28th-30th June 2022. We’ll be at booth #8-A50, and we’re looking forward to building relationships, collaborating on design challenges and sharing our stories. With over 540 innovative suppliers, The Battery Show Europe is a fantastic opportunity for attendees to discover solutions, connect with others and learn about new battery technologies. 

The expo is Europe’s largest showcase of battery storage technology. There will be new product demonstrations, networking receptions, workshops, keynote speakers, panel discussions and lightning talks, as well as the latest discoveries in advanced battery and H/EV technology. 

Elmelin attended The Battery Show Europe last year, and it proved to be an engaging, insightful experience. It was such a success that we absolutely had to attend again this year. We are excited to share our mica-based insulation solutions for battery energy storage, as well as learn from the vastly experienced suppliers and peers attending.


Why Elmelin and The Battery Show Europe?

Elmelin provide solutions for a range of battery applications, working on numerous projects with various manufacturers and engineers. A major aspect of battery storage is safety, and it’s a core value of Elmelin and the work we do. Our solutions in the automotive industry aim to improve battery safety and ensure they maintain a high performance. We specialise in mica-based insulation and fire protection solutions that can be used in high energy density lithium-ion packs to larger domestic energy storage packs. 

As well as safety, another core value of ours is the environment and sustainability. From our own site’s state of the art emission purification equipment to the projects we do on a day-to-day basis. As we move towards the net zero target, battery technology will be evolving to store clean energy as efficiently as possible. This further re-establishes our objective of providing the best insulation solutions for battery energy storage. 

Essentially, the work we do and solutions we provide are a perfect fit for The Battery Show Europe. We relish being able to confer and engage with other manufacturers, engineers and suppliers. We believe the battery storage sector is one with a shared goal, and it’s vital to share experience and help others. 

This year, Elmelin will be represented by our Sales Director Terry Hughes, Market Director Christian Krauss, and Process Development Manager Callum McPherson. With decades of experience between them, they’ll be sharing the various mica-based solutions we provide in the automotive and EV battery industry including:

  • Insulation and fire protection for battery packs to slow the process of thermal runaway and increase safety without compromising performance. 
  • Compression Pads Plus, a compression pad solution extending the life of the batteries.
  • Mica components that are shaped to meet your exact specifications.

Our friendly experts would love to have a chat with you, so come and visit us at booth #8-A50 at The Battery Show Europe 2022 on the 28th-30th June. 

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