Elmelin’s mica roll laminates for industrial furnaces

Elmelin’s mica roll laminates for industrial furnaces

High temperature insulation is a necessity for many industries. Many processes generate high temperatures and keeping these under control allows for safe, normal operations. Without suitable insulation, damage can occur both to machinery and equipment but also to the user. We specialise in mica-based insulation solutions for a wide range of industries, such as mica roll laminates for industrial furnaces. From EV batteries to foundry and steel, our solutions exist to improve safety and extend useful life without compromising on performance and efficiency.

Over the years, we have developed multiple innovative insulation products that use mica as a core material to achieve the necessary protection from both excess thermal and electrical energy. The majority of our products are manufactured into sheets, tubes and rolls in order to fit the specification of the applications. We’ve worked closely with other manufacturers to learn and develop our solutions, ensuring they meet the exact requirements and functionality. One of our key products is mica roll laminate, which comes in multiple forms and is used predominantly in coreless induction furnaces.


Protecting Furnaces

Thermal consistency is required in coreless induction furnaces so that production demands can be met. These furnaces reach extremely high temperatures so they require protection from the heat, specifically the interface between the induction coil and cast refractory crucible. Damage can occur to any component within the furnace but the lining is often most at risk. This is because the lining is exposed to the extreme temperatures for consistent periods of time, and if not maintained properly, safety measures such as insulation can begin to degrade leading to deterioration of the lining itself. 

Across all manufacturing industries, demand is increasing. There are increasing numbers of consumers and turnarounds for quotas and targets are getting tighter. The foundry and steel industry is responsible for huge volumes of material processing and acts as the foundation for the manufacturing industry. Over time, furnaces used in foundries experience significant amounts of wear and tear, therefore require excellent durability. If a furnace requires maintenance, the down periods can be extremely costly. Because of this, it’s essential for coreless induction furnaces to be working as intended, which is where our insulation solutions come into effect.


Our Solutions

Mica roll laminates for industrial furnaces are an excellent solution due to having superior heat, electrical and slip plane characteristics. As well as excellent thermal and electrical insulation qualities, mica roll also has accessibility benefits as well, being highly versatile and easy to install as well as transport. Mica laminates protect the lining of furnaces to maximise the lifespan and reduce downtime, whilst also acting as a vapour barrier against carbon gases. When in pure form, mica provides a protective layer to separate residual refractory material from the concrete wall of the furnace. This build up can be challenging to remove and therefore the cost of maintaining this thermal barrier becomes more of an issue. 

Coreless induction furnaces operate at different temperatures to achieve specific purposes depending on the materials and conditions. Due to the range in requirements, our mica roll laminates are manufactured in various grades and forms. Our Elmelec range consists of pure mica, glass mica and mica combi laminates. Micas slip plane and vapour barrier characteristics are further bolstered by glass fibre reinforcement, which results in our mica glass fibre laminate rolls providing excellent lining support. Combi mica roll laminates are a combination of mica with bio-soluble ceramic or rockwool paper. These help to reduce the power consumption required for operation, specifically when smelting iron or aluminium, as their thermal gradient can be controlled. A more detailed breakdown of our individual mica laminate roll products can be found here.



The foundry and steel industry is vital for the economy and countless businesses. Without it, the sheer number of materials and products required wouldn’t be met. Coreless induction furnaces are responsible for processing materials such as steel, iron and aluminium to be used in products. They are exposed to extremely high temperatures and require suitable insulation and safety measures to ensure they remain efficient, safe and long lasting. 

Our mica roll laminates for industrial furnaces help to protect against these extreme temperatures. The mica used in our solutions has numerous benefits for thermal and electrical insulation, making it ideal for furnaces. If you would like to find out more about our solutions and how we can help you, get in touch here.