Elmelin’s mica insulation solutions for consumer appliances

Elmelin’s mica insulation solutions for consumer appliances

Insulation solutions for consumer appliances are required to ensure their safety and longevity. Many consumer appliances are used regularly and they need to be functioning over a long period of time. Millions of households in the UK will have appliances such as hair dryers and toasters, with many also having convection or fan-assisted heaters. The sheer volume of these appliances mean that there is a demand for insulation providers to offer solutions and high quality insulating materials for these products. 

Elmelin specialise in mica-based insulation, with strong expertise in mica itself, and decades of experience with industrial insulation. With adaptability and innovation at the forefront of our values, we have developed outstanding mica-based insulation products for a variety of industries and purposes. The manufacturing and selling of consumer goods and appliances is a competitive market, and these products require excellent insulation solutions to improve their end-user safety and performance. Products such as hair dryers and toasters are exposed to high voltages and temperatures in their day-to-day operation, so it’s key that the insulation used is efficient but also long-lasting.


Mica insulation properties

Mica as a material has various properties that make it an excellent insulation solution. Specifically, both the electrical and thermal insulation that mica can provide are ideal for consumer appliances, but also the versatility of mica allows for shaping into small, hand-held products. Pure phlogopite mica can withstand up to 1000°C, and it does not allow for rapid heat transfer, as well as being non-flammable. It has a very high electrical resistance, withstanding up to 2000V before breaking down. Furthermore, it can store electrical energy and selective frequencies are able to pass through it.

As well as having outstanding thermal and electrical properties, mica is also durable and easy to adapt to various product specifications. It can be cut and shaped with little energy required, making it suitable for mass production. This directly benefits the large demand for consumer appliances, as the global consumer appliances market stands at over 320 billion GBP, with Europe being the largest contributor at 22%. The compound annual growth rate grew by 3.9% between 2014 and 2021, with a further 4.3% growth predicted between now and 2029.


Safety standards

For consumer and domestic appliances, the safety standards and regulations are strict, yet the performance demand is high so it’s crucial to provide insulation that adheres to the safety guidelines without compromising on the output. These standards have continued to evolve over recent years, as the market has seen the introduction of smart technologies and products with new heating mechanisms to improve performance. Because of these new technologies, the safety regulations have adapted and led to more complex and specific guidelines.

Fortunately, Elmelin’s mica-based insulation solutions can adapt to these varying standards. Mica tubes, sheets and rolls can all be cut and shaped into specific sizes for individual products. There are a range of thicknesses available for our mica-based products, which the thermal and electrical properties correlate with. Depending on the appliance, greater thickness may be required for greater insulation. Elmelin are able to assist with the end-to-end process of consumer appliance products, from the initial prototyping stage all the way through to mass production. This is due to our excellent CNC machining, stamping and shaping capabilities. This further helps to mitigate and solve the challenges of various complex safety standards.


The appliances

There are a range of popular consumer and domestic appliances that Elmelin offer insulation solutions for. Cooking appliances are found in most households, and the nature of their use provides the need for suitable insulation. In order to make cooking appliances such as convection ovens more efficient, the thermal insulation we provide is predominantly to prevent heat loss through conduction. With that being said, the safety implications of the high operating temperatures means that the heat cannot transfer to other surfaces. 

As well as ovens, mica insulation is ideal for microwaves, as it is used as covers for microwave waveguides. The outstanding thermal properties mean it is effective at retaining heat within the microwave, without any heat loss, in order to cook food more thoroughly. Furthermore, the mica sheet used in microwaves helps to protect the internal components from food and contaminants.

Capacitors are found in any household appliance that is powered by being plugged into the mains. They require suitable dielectric insulation in order to keep them functioning properly. Mica can be used in capacitors to essentially prevent the charged plates coming into electrical contact with each other. It also improves the ability of a capacitor system to store an electrical charge. Mica’s high dielectric strength (approx 2000V/mm) makes it a suitable solution for insulation within capacitors.

Another common consumer appliance in many homes is the hairdryer. By passing an electric current through the internal wire, or heating element (often made up of nichrome), the hairdryer can produce high temperatures fairly instantaneously. This heating element requires strong thermal insulation to protect it from the high temperatures. Mica is manufactured into a small board that is surrounded by the nichrome coil. Its superior thermal resistance means that it functions as an efficient insulator within a hairdryer.



Consumer appliances are found in millions of homes throughout the UK, and it is a colossal market that continues to grow. These products have strict safety standards, and are required to perform regularly over a long period of time. The introduction of new products and technologies means the insulation within them also remains adaptable and durable. Elmelin pride themselves on being forward-thinking and innovative, with the experience and expertise to ensure high quality insulation products that keep products safe and efficient.

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