Looking back on The Battery Show Europe 2022

Looking back on The Battery Show Europe 2022

On the 28th-30th June, Elmelin attended The Battery Show Europe 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany. Over the 3 days, we were busy meeting attendees and suppliers from the battery storage industry, sharing our ideas and the projects we’ve been working on. The Battery Show Europe once again proved why it’s such an important and valuable event for ourselves and many others. 

After a couple of years of disruption because of the pandemic, the exhibition had a wonderful energy, with lots of people networking and sparking conversation. 

From automotive giants to smaller family-run businesses, there were vast amounts of information and solutions being shared for the greater good of the battery industry. Solutions required are becoming increasingly complex, and it’s fantastic to see how other businesses are tackling challenges and adapting to new technology. It’s clear that the intellectual capital in the industry is rising, and we’re excited to be a part of it.


Our work

Battery technology is exciting, fast-paced and continuously evolving. Our goal was to share our vision and latest products, connecting with others and discussing the battery sector in order to learn and collaborate. During the event, we were able to visit many other suppliers and find out about the new technologies being researched and tested to help improve performance whilst incorporating sustainable practices. 

Focussing on the automotive industry, we shared our mica-based solutions for insulation and passive fire protection in battery packs, Compression Pads Plus, and various mica components that we manufactured specifically for your purposes. Compression Pads Plus are a product we provide for extending the useful life of EV batteries by maintaining pressure on the battery pack and providing outstanding thermal and electrical insulation.


Who attended?

The three team members from Elmelin who attended the event were Managing Director Terry Hughes, Sales and Marketing Director Christian Krauss, and Process Development Manager Callum McPherson. 

Terry, looking back on The Battery Show Europe 2022, had this to say: 

“The battery show is one of our annual trade show highlights. The 2022 show exceeded expectations. The level of innovation and the pace of innovation in this sector is exceptional. It was great to meet new faces, customers and friends from the industry.”

Terry continued his thoughts, saying: 

“The number of potential customers and partners Elmelin got introduced to through our stand will keep us all very busy over the next months. The team at Elmelin are already working on a number of new projects as a direct result of the show.”


Final thoughts

Once again, The Battery Show Europe 2022 was a brilliant experience for Elmelin, and we hope that the solutions and products we shared will be of interest to the great people we had the pleasure of meeting. Sharing ideas and thoughts with peers and professionals within the industry helps us grow and keeps us striving for ambitious new projects. Our mica-based insulation solutions have been developed using decades of our combined experience, with our core values of safety and sustainability at the heart of our products. We offer off-the-shelf products, as well as bespoke insulation solutions, and using mica’s versatile and flexible properties, our products and solutions can be tailored specifically for you. 

If you are looking for insulation solutions or are interested in finding out more about the work we do, get in touch for a friendly chat and we’ll offer you our support.