ISO 9001: Our Processes

ISO 9001: Our Processes

At Elmelin, we understand that quality solutions to different aspects of high temperature insulation and thermal management, require a demanding quality management system. Our customers in a wide variety of industries depend on us, which is why we prioritise processes that adhere to ISO 9001 criteria. ISO 9001 is more than just a standard. It is about taking a strategic approach to what we do, to ensure we are delivering what our customers require, regardless of their sector or industry or the product they require.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is all about quality management systems and how they must meet certain standards. ISO 9001 standards are based on fundamental principles, to ensure consistency in what we provide.

While universally applicable, these principles also have a specific bearing on how we work. Because we provide a range of manufacturing services, and we offer defined products but also combined thermal management solutions, it is vital that we always understand our customers’ requirements.

ISO 9001 process managing in manufacturing image of process mapping

This means gaining the necessary insight regarding the needs of different industries, and the particular issues they face.

The main focus of our quality management is to meet these needs, address these issues, and to endeavour to exceed our customers’ expectations.

A Customer First Focus

Our customers’ objectives become our objectives. If, for example, a foundry is looking for ways of making its processes more cost effective, then it is our objective to come up with the right kind of thermal management solutions that will offer these benefits.

Similarly, where consumer appliances require high safety standards to ensure user confidence, it is our objective to provide the right kind of insulation components to do this.

We offer different technologies and materials that work across multiple applications, including mica rolls, mica sheets, mica tubes and microporous insulation material.

Another key aspect of our processes is to ensure we always work with a unity of purpose and direction, so that our strategies are consistent and coherent.

To enact these strategies, we also make sure that our skilled workforce is fully engaged and that we keep all our employees in touch with the objectives they are working towards.

In this sense, ISO 9001 is both outward and inward looking, ensuring our customers get what they need and want, and that our own resources are in place to do this.

Managing Processes

Just as manufacturing itself is a process, so is quality assurance.

What we find is that because our products are themselves integrated into various manufacturing and operational processes, so we must ensure that the product aligns with these activities.

manufacturing cutters for ISO 9001 processes for blog by Elmelin

For example, in the foundry and steel industry, we help ensure quality with early warning systems for furnace safety. These are based on microporous technology applied to flexible laminates.

For this solution to be effective, we must also be confident that our own quality assurance standards are extremely high, because, ultimately, we are supplying something which can become integral to how efficiently and safely furnaces run.

Working with effective quality assurance processes also greatly assists us in managing risks and overall outcomes. This is particularly important where products that support safety in various sectors are concerned, such as heat shields for the aerospace industry.

We very much rely on evidence-based decision making, using the analysis and evaluation of data, and the insights and perspectives we get from prototyping when developing thermal management and insulation solutions for our customers.

Overall Benefits of ISO 9001

A comprehensive quality management system is beneficial to our customers and ourselves.

It is something businesses recognise as a mark of consistent quality, and it is a framework within which we can continue to improve and refine our processes, to offer our customers the right solutions.

It is often a prequalification for taking on new business, and one we are proud to take on. It helps us maintain our standards and be cost effective in all that we do.

ISO 9001 underpins our culture of continual improvement, where we fully embrace the concept of quality.

Ultimately, for our customers, ISO 9001 is there to help make sure they are fully satisfied. For us, it is an essential business management tool.

It helps define how we create and deliver our products and services and the value we bring to a broad range of sectors and settings.

image of manufacturing process for ISO 9001

Our Processes Working for You

By understanding and meeting our customers’ requirements as part of our own quality management system, we can apply our process performance and effectiveness to produce solutions which will work for them.

Elmelin’s high temperature insulation and thermal management products are about helping businesses and organisations maintain key safety standards and improve on performance. Our products can do this because our own processes are so effective.

How can your business benefit from our ISO 9001 standards? Call us on +44 20 8520 2248,  email, or complete our online enquiry form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.