How we work with R&D departments to create insulation solutions

How we work with R&D departments to create insulation solutions

A vital component of our work as an insulation solutions provider is to help our customers innovate. As technologies in many industries change rapidly to uncover new capabilities, it’s essential that the new risks and challenges are assessed, particularly when it comes to insulation and deciding on which material or combination of materials will help to achieve the desired – and required – results. We are consistently working closely with customer and partner research and development (R&D) teams in order to help them navigate changing requirements and emerging innovations to help them make a better, safer and more efficient product.

Here are some ways that Elmelin works with R&D departments to create innovative insulation solutions. 


A collaborative approach

While we have tried and tested insulation solutions for a number of industries, we believe in taking a truly collaborative approach which helps our partners uncover exactly the right solution for their application. 

We work closely with clients’ R&D departments to understand the exact requirements of a product or project, and we then use our expertise and experience to work with them to create the right solution. Product engineers and their teams can provide invaluable insight into their product, such as operating temperatures, precise measurements, and any safety risks, all of which are vital for us in recommending the best type of material and insulation solution for that application. 



Over the last few years, we have invested heavily in developing and refining our CNC milling capabilities. CNC machining allows us to produce small or large quantities of extremely bespoke and specific designs and measurements – meaning we can readily assist in producing prototypes. These prototypes help us and clients thoroughly test the functionality and performance of insulation solutions. 

It’s vital that every insulation solution we recommend has the correct thermal properties to ensure the overall safety and efficiency of the product or component. Equally, function is just as important to the overall design of the product or component, so ensuring that our solution doesn’t interfere with the performance of the overall product is just as vital. Working closely with the client on this activity ensures that our recommendations and designs fit exactly with the requirements of that particular application.


Innovating in the automotive industry

We are working on a number of bespoke products with R&D departments in automotive to help design the perfect insulation solution for electric vehicle batteries. This activity is critical because lithium-ion batteries have a notorious challenge with thermal runaway, which poses a serious risk to the occupants of the car should the battery be damaged through impact or incorrect charging. 

We work closely with battery technicians and project managers in the industry to design innovative mica-based insulation solutions that help to slow down thermal runaway and ensure strict safety guidelines are met. This includes both linings between the battery cells and insulation around the whole pack. 

We have created various solutions using mica and different composites which increase the effectiveness of the insulation and help to further slow down thermal runaway. 


If you’d like to find out more about how we could collaborate with you and your R&D department to produce innovative insulation solutions that make your products safer, more efficient and more effective, get in touch