Elmelin’s End of Quarter Reflection

Elmelin’s End of Quarter Reflection

As a business, we thrive on learning, adapting and developing innovative solutions to support industries on their journey to net zero. Over the past quarter, we have experienced a substantial amount of change within the business. New personnel, reacting to external challenges and beginning multiple exciting projects have meant the past 3 months has been a positive and invigorating phase for Elmelin.


New roles, new faces

This Summer, we welcomed new faces into the business, as well as changes in leadership internally. Callum McPherson is becoming our new Head of Manufacturing, after spending over 3 years at Elmelin as Process Engineer and Process Development Manager. Head of Manufacturing is a key role in our business, and one that Callum will comfortably fit into, after his first hand experience managing safety, quality, output and various cost-saving projects.

Our newest member of the Elmelin family is Jack Brown, who has recently begun his role of Process Engineer. Following his Mechanical Engineering MSc at University of Cambridge, Jack has demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to be a highly successful member of the team. As well as Jack, we’ve also welcomed Hector as our new Process Engineer Intern. Bringing in new talent is always a pleasure and we hope to continue developing our staff into becoming experienced industry specialists.


Challenges & upcoming projects

The energy crisis is affecting all businesses across the UK, putting pressure on day-to-day operations and energy consumption. As a manufacturer, we use powerful machinery that is active throughout the entirety of most days and therefore our energy consumption is steep. The rising costs of energy have brought about challenges for the business as a whole, however in the face of adversity we always strive to adapt and tackle the problem head on. 

As a business, we have a positive outlook on the future and our upcoming projects will be keeping us busy for a long time. These significant projects are predominantly in the automotive industry, where we have been developing mica-based insulation solutions for EV batteries. Our vital manufacturing support for the constantly evolving electric vehicle industry provides high quality insulation for a range of customers. Our new projects will continue this trend with further collaboration and exciting results.


Stay up to date

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