Elmelin at The Battery Show Europe 2023

Elmelin at The Battery Show Europe 2023

Elmelin are delighted to once again be attending The Battery Show Europe on the 23rd-25th May 2023 for the third consecutive year. Located at booth 8-B68,we’re heading back to Stuttgart for an expo that continues to deliver great value and play a crucial role in the battery technology sector. In recent years, The Battery Show Europe has helped us to not only establish new exciting working relationships, but also further ourselves as a business and the solutions we provide.

The Battery Show Europe is filled to the brim with the latest technologies, leading battery manufacturers and like-minded industry leaders and professionals. This year, there will be over 770 battery manufacturers who will be accessible to attendees for quick chats and sit-down, formal networking opportunities. The Battery Show Europe is a proven way for attendees to find solutions for their needs, and we’re thrilled to continue offering our solutions and services in battery insulation technology.


Why Elmelin?

At Elmelin, we specialise in mica-based insulation solutions for electric vehicle batteries and align our values to these themes. We therefore feel we have a lot to offer at The Battery Show Europe, which is just one of the reasons why it continues to be a staple in our annual calendar. We pride ourselves as a supplier of electric vehicles (EVs) for multiple reasons:

1. We have extensive experience in developing high-temperature insulation solutions for a range of industries, including EVs. This expertise allows us to incorporate innovative design and technology to ensure they are not only efficient, but also long-lasting and environmentally responsible.

2. Our customised solutions can be tailored to the specific needs of individual EV manufacturers. We work closely with our customers to develop insulation and thermal management solutions that are optimised for a particular battery design or thermal management system.

3. Only high-quality materials, such as mica and other advanced insulation materials, are used in Elmelin products. These materials are known for their excellent thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties, and resistance to heat and flame.

4. Elmelin are committed to safety throughout the entirety of our products and solutions. From maintaining safe and reliable usage to reducing the risk of thermal runaway.


Why Mica?

Our mica-based solutions developed for the automotive and EV battery industry include insulation and fire protection for battery packs, Compression Pads Plus, and various mica components shaped to meet specific requirements. We use mica because it has excellent electrical insulating properties and can withstand high temperatures generated by electrical components such as motors, transformers, and capacitors and batteries in EVs.

Mica also has high tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear which makes it suitable for reinforcing parts that are under continuous pressure, while also improving durability. As well as being durable, mica is lightweight and can therefore play an important role in reducing the overall weight of EVs, which helps to extend range and increase their efficiency. Finally, mica is non-toxic and non-corrosive, making it both safe for use in EVs but also for the environment as the EV sector continues to further develop solutions for responsibly handling the batteries after they’ve exceeded their useful life.


Find Us

Elmelin will be represented by Terry Hughes (Managing Director), Christian Krauss (Sales Director) and Jack Brown (Process Engineer Project Lead). With decades of combined experience, our experts are excited to share our stories and continue learning from others. We’ll be available for friendly chats about our many innovative solutions, as well as the industry itself.

Find us at booth 8-B68 at The Battery Show Europe 2023, from 23rd-25th May 2023. The preview guide to this year’s event can be found here.