The business, originally named East London Mica, was set up in 1912, to process mica splittings and block mica into various types of electrical insulation. Mica is a versatile natural mineral which has impressive temperature and electrical properties. We use our many years of experience to develop solutions to our customer’s problems and make products for them, either from pure mica, or in combination with other materials such as high performance heat insulation. In particular, our work with mica helped us build expertise in developing products for high temperature. Today we manufacture a number of products with microporous insulation – shaping and combining them to form specialised solutions.We work with strategic partners in diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, fire protection, foundry and steel, in over 30 countries.


Elmelin work across three core business streams,  mica, high temperature insulation and consultancy services. Our mica products support applications requiring heat shielding, friction reduction or insulating properties. The  products are supplied in mica in roll, sheet (cut to size or machined) and tube form. Our high temperature insulation business has largely been based on the extremely low thermal conductivity of microporous insulation.  We manufacture products in sheet, tube and machined shapes. Our consultancy services provide customers with a bespoke service to design specialist products addressing complex problems. We do this in three areas composite insulation solutions, design support and prototyping services.

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