Net zero solutions

Supporting our clients in fighting the climate crisis

Insulation solutions for net zero technologies

Climate change is a global emergency. The UK became one of the first countries to put into law a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. We’ve made it a priority to focus on designing our processes and solutions around carbon neutrality.

We work closely with our clients to develop cutting-edge solutions that support the fight against climate change. From electric vehicles to domestic energy storage, we design and develop insulation solutions that increase efficiency, safety and above all, reduce environmental impact.

Elmelin’s products enable net zero carbon solutions.

We use our proprietary technology to help our customers reduce their environmental impact and tackle climate change.


Energy storage insulation solutions

A massive part of cutting carbon emissions is focusing on how we generate and store energy. From high energy density batteries to hydrogen fuel cells, we’re developing solutions that make energy storage as efficient, safe and long-lasting as possible.

Alternative fuel insulation solutions

As our understanding of climate change evolves, so does our response to it. Industries from automotive to energy and power are exploring alternative fuel options. We stay ahead of the curve supporting our clients in developing effective insulation for cutting-edge alternative fuel solutions – from hydrogen to bio-fuel.


Domestic energy insulation solutions

Households contribute 40% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. Getting our domestic carbon footprint under control is of the highest priority. We’re working closely with suppliers to design solutions that will fit with new standards for home building and enable clean energy to power and sustain the next generation of homes.

Electric vehicle insulation solutions

We have been working with the automotive sector for decades, developing mica-based components and insulation for fossil fuel, hybrid and electric vehicles. As we head towards a deadline for banning the sale of fossil fuel vehicles in the UK, we’re focusing on designing and developing solutions to make the next generation of electric vehicles efficient, safe and affordable for the mass market.


Let's reach net zero together.