Elmelin’s custom fabrication capabilities mean we can produce a broad variety of manufactured shapes to meet our customers’ individual specifications, using tailor-made processes to produce the ideal solution.

Mica’s versatility as a manufacturing material means its tooling applications are wide and varied, and suited to many different industries and processes. It is also ideal as a substitute for asbestos in many critical situations.

manufactured mica shapes for high temperature insulation

Our process

The first part of the process is understanding the final product’s materials – each of those materials will have different processing parameters, strengths and weaknesses. We then evaluate the design specifications and application to ensure the materials have been selected correctly. Finally, we look at the overall volume to be produced.

Using patterns and moulds, and machine-cutting, pressing and punching processes, Elmelin produce custom-shaped insulation to order, incorporating mica or microporous based materials for excellent thermal insulation properties.
For smaller volumes, we can also use manual cutting and shaping processes. We move to CNC machining or punching for more efficient processing on higher volumes and thinner materials.

We can machine Elmtherm microporous materials up to around 50mm thick into any shape. Elmelec mica boards are machined from 0.1mm up to 20mm, and held in stock

Punching we consider on thinner materials and will often we used for higher volumes.

The benefits of custom-shaped insulation

Elmelin’s specially manufactured composite mica shapes have advanced technical properties, including excellent thermal durability and electrical resistance.

We use CNC milling machines for precision cutting. This allows us to manufacture small, complex parts in large runs, when you need them. CNC machining offers expert accuracy, and delivers high quality results while remaining cost effective when it comes to producing specialist fabricated parts at medium volume.

These machined shapes include flanges, discs and tubes at varying sizes and thicknesses.

We quality test all of our products to meet ISO 9001 standards, and exact customer specified standards.

Elmelin’s expert processes render premium manufactured shapes with superior tolerances to stress, heat and electricity. There are virtually no limits to the size and pattern of parts we can produce.

Whatever your industry, sector or business, you can benefit from mica-based manufacturing to support your processes and end-products. The right composite material can increase cost-effectiveness, produce energy savings and boost productivity significantly.

What Shaped Insulation Do You Require?

With an extremely broad capability, we can produce a huge variety of parts and shapes to order. We would be more than happy to discuss your project.

Contact Elmelin for high performance parts custom-made to meet your unique requirements, and discover the adaptability and strategically superior insulation qualities and performance of mica composites.

Find out more about our shaped insulation and how we could help you with a tailor-made solution.