Insulation Solutions for Military and Transportation

Mica-based insulation for military vehicles

For the military, and in many transport and transport-related businesses, mica-based and other insulation materials play an essential part.

Ensuring the right level of high temperature insulation to ensure safety and security, in a whole range of conditions where extremes can be the norm.

Elmelin’s high-temperature and high-voltage mica-based insulation solutions are ideal for providing essential protection to a wide range of vehicles. Mica’s superior thermal properties enable to withstand temperatures of up to 1000C, making our solutions viable for use in the most extreme conditions.

Heat shields

Data recorder boxes

Fire proofing

Exhaust insulation

Data recorder boxes

Crash or event data recorders are vital for providing an incident record and for supplying key evidence following accidents, crashes and, in military situations, combat. In the transport industry generally, large vehicle fleets, including Volvo and Ford, have been successfully using data recorder boxes since the 1990s, contributing significantly to improvements in crash reconstructions and to research into road and vehicle safety measures. For a data recorder box to be effective, it must remain functional in all conditions, including protection from extreme heat, velocity and pressure. Mica provides a thermal insulation solution that also ensures the recorder is both fire resistant and flame retardant. This means that the black box should remain operational regardless of what happens to the vehicle in which it is located.

Heat shields and fire proofing

For the military, heat shields and effective fire proofing are crucial for both weaponry and transport. Military thermal management strategies must look at the consequences of heat emissions from a tactical viewpoint. Heat shield barriers are not just about protection from potential heat damage, but also to disguise deployments of personnel and vehicles in the field. Suppressor heat shields for firearms will prevent the heat from gun barrels giving off thermal signals which can then give away strategic positions. Specialised heat shields also help improve performance and extend vehicle life spans. Our high-temperature solution Elmtherm’s thermal insulation qualities mean it forms the basis for fire proofing applications essential for military and transport functions.

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