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At the heart of the Elmelec range lies the high temperature performance of mica laminates in roll form. These products provide the best heat, electrical and slip plane characteristics. There are two main types of mica: phlogopite mica (green) and muscovite mica (white). Elmelin primarily uses phlogopite due to its slightly higher temperature characteristics.

The Elmelec range offers also a wide variety of mica sheets and boards. These ridged sheets are used in all different kind of application. Elmelin developed over the years the capabilities to machine shapes and small parts for different industries. Mica sheet and boards offer the best dielectric strength and are capable to withstand temperatures from up to 1200 degrees C.  There are two main types of mica: phlogopite mica (green) and muscovite mica (white). Please get in touch to discuss any question you might have.

Elmelin offers two mica based safety systems  Elmesh and vapourshield plus. Elmesh  is basically used as a sensor in coreless induction furnaces to warn of metal penetration. Vapourshield can function in the same way, but its plus is that it can prevent the penetration of hazardous fumes and vapours through to the coil grout. Please read more about below.

Elmelin has been making tubes from shellac bonded mica splittings for over 45 years. Approximately 20 years ago, Elmelin developed the technology to make the higher specification Elmtubes from mica paper. The result is a resilient, high temperature material with the ability to withstand very high levels of electrical stress.

More about Mica Laminates

Extended lining life – Mica reduces the incidence of cracks in the furnace lining. It does this by acting as a slip plane to allow the lining to move freely during expansion and contraction. Depending on the ramming mass used, it can expand by 5%, and 2.5cm expansion is common.

Protects coil grout – Mica protects the coil grout in two ways. Firstly, during the heat cycles the lining is able to move freely and this ensures less stress and damage to the coil grout. Secondly at the time of relining it separates the coil grout from the refractory and provides the so called slip plane along which the refractory slides out, thereby protecting the coil grout, coil and the rest of the furnace casing from possible damage.

Improved Throughput – By extending the lining life, the foundry is able to increase the quality of product melted for each lining.

Reduced Down Time – Ensuring the push out process is simpler and quicker reduces the time required to reline the furnace.

Relining Speed – Mica is quicker and easier to apply than other insulation and barrier materials.

Reduced Coil Grout Patching – Reduced potential damage to the coil grout ensures less patching is required.

These products combine the best possible sip plane and electrical insulation properties. Care is required during installation as they are not re-enforced and can tear on occasion.
Material such as GM40, MSM and SMS have the excellent slip plane and heat transfer characteristics of the pure mica laminates, combined with a strong glass reinforcing layer. This makes this material tear proof, better to handle and easy to install even in large furnaces.
These Combi Mica grades are most often used in furnaces melting iron
and aluminium. The provision of the insulation paper gives these materials
a range of insulating properties. This serves to reduce the power
consumption required to maintain a specific melt temperature. It also gives
the installer a way of controlling the thermal gradient across the refractory.
The Range is available in a choice of 1 mm, 2 mm or 3 mm (more upon
request) of bio-soluble insulation Paper or rockwool combined with Mica.
The compressibility of the insulation papers can help to absorb the thermal
expansion generated by the refractory crucible. More specifically in this range the CSML20SRP grade is reinforced internally with woven glass scrim cloth, which results in an exceptionally strong material.

More about Safety Systems

Elmesh is used as a sensor in coreless induction furnaces to warn of metalIMG_0611 penetration close to the induction coil and signal that the crucible is wearing thin.

Where furnaces have crucibles which are cast in situ, they will usually have an earth leakage detector probe cast into the base of the furnace.
Vapourshield has been developed for customers who have encountered problems caused by metal vapour Backup_of_Furnace with vapourshielddepositing on the coil, or for customers who would like to increase the galvanised content of their scrap. Vapourshield is designed for use in mains and medium frequency induction furnaces. Its unique quality is that it prevents the penetration of vapours which could build up residues of zinc or other metals on the coil. Those residues could lead to short circuits and misreading on technical equipment.
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More about Mica Tubes.