Our Mica range consists of four main product groups;

Elmelec mica laminate products – used mainly as a slip plane in coreless induction furnace.

Elmtube mica tube products – used for electrical insulation as well as heat shields in various industries.

Elmelec mica sheets and boards – used as electrical or thermal insulation in various industries. Elmelin has the capability to cut to size or shape products as required.

Safety Systems for Coreless Induction Furnaces –  Two industry specific products Elmesh is designed to detect furnace refractory breakdown as an early warning system Vaporshield can be used as an early warning sensor but is specifically designed to provide a vapor deposition barrier for technical melts such as galvanized steel.


Our high temperature insulation range has evolved from our processing and conversion knowledge of microporous insulation.

Elmtherm boards – Provide excellent heat retention properties across a wide range of temperatures. They are used by customers facing challenging energy retention or heat shield applications.

Elmtherm tubes – These products also provide excellent heat and energy retention properties. We excel at manufacture of custom designed products strengthened by the use of a hardened Mica layer.

Elmtherm Shapes – We have been involved in a wide range of projects which include manufacture of more complex shapes. Please click follow this link to see a small portfolio of our capabilities.

Elmtherm Composites – Combine different materials to create bespoke insulating boards and shapes to achieve project specific parameters up to 1600 degrees C.