In power electronics, insulation is a vital part of ensuring reliability and efficiency. With a continuing trend towards greater integration, and an increasing demand for faster performance, protection must be a prime concern.

Increasingly, in power electronics, a single material must perform more than one function, requiring an integrated approach where durability is essential. At the same time, power electronics can generate distorted waveforms that threaten to reduce the effectiveness of insulation systems. Design and reliability of insulation are therefore key qualities in this industry.

Mica’s high resistivity and stability give it the long-term durability that make it a good fit for application to power electronics systems where material degradation to insulation is an ongoing threat.

Elmelin supplies the following mica-based products to the power electronics industry:


  • Mica tubes for capacitors and resistors
  • Mica components
power electronics industrial heat insulation on electricity pylons

Why Use Mica for Insulation?

Distorted voltages or currents cause significant reduction in quality and reliability of insulation in electrical instruments. This results in an acceleration of their ageing processes and a corresponding decline in performance.

What causes this distortion? Power electronics converters (PECs) control speed and power but adjustable speed drives may cause premature breakdown of some insulating materials. Switching itself can increase stress in the system, resulting in insulation failure.

At the same time, in the medium voltage market, the demand is for smarter systems with sensors and other communication components. Reliability and consistency are key.

Mica has a high dielectric strength as an insulator. This means it can withstand intense electric fields without breaking down. It can withstand temperatures of up to 650°C before sustaining losses.

It is both cost effective and technically superior as an insulation material.

Furthermore, if you combine mica with glass fabric, you improve its mechanical strength.

Mica Capacitors and Resistors

Mica capacitors provide stability and reliability to a circuit with high precision performance. Generally, they best suit high frequency settings. They are also ideal in situations where operations require low losses and low capacitor charges over longer periods.

They are well-suited for high power broadcast transmitters, defense electronics, and various types of circuit, including time-constant and coupling circuits.

Mica resistors are ideal for high power and high-speed applications, because of mica’s naturally superior resistance to high temperature conditions. The element in a mica resistor is wound onto a ceramic mica tube.

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Mica Electrical Components

In addition to capacitors and resistors, Elmelin manufactures other mica insulators for use in power electronics.

These include transistor mica insulators, for excellent thermal conductivity, and mica insulators for semiconductors, power diodes and rectifiers.

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